Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Romeo and juliet persuasive essay


                “Romeo and Juliet” is an epic story of love, revenge and tragedy.   Although written by Shakespeare in the 1500’s, its themes and story are still relevant in today’s world.  This play is often read in high school English classes and sometimes students are allowed to watch screen versions of the play or see it performed live while they are reading the play.   A Grosse Pointe South English class was allowed this year to work with students in Van Meter, Iowa and to film their own version of this classic play.  A South parent recently contacted the Grosse Pointe School Board arguing that this class should be taking a more traditional approach to learning, such as reading the play, taking notes and then a test; instead of creating a film version with students from another school.   The Grosse Pointe School Board should understand that alternative ways of learning, such as filming this play and collaborating with other students, has educational value.
            Film is an art form that takes a lot of teamwork.  Students were able to pick a job that they felt comfortable in and wanted to do.  They learned that in order to create a good film, every part is important.  A good film needs a good script, good actors, good directors and good people in the background.    Every job is connected to the next job and every job is necessary and important.  Students had to work together as a team to complete each section of the play.  They learned valuable skills such as teamwork and responsibility.   In addition to teamwork, it is beneficial for students to learn through hands on experience.

It is a benefit when everyone becomes involved in the play. Every student was assigned a job in the production.   The writers from both schools had to rewrite the play in their own version.  Then the play was handed over to the directors and actors.  There was a lot of work to do even before the filming started.  Everyone had to work to complete their part before the next phase of the production could start.  All students spent many hours outside of the classroom time working on this project.   Everyone bonded and had fun while they were learning and sharing ideas.  This project was a hands on experience.  Students became more involved and became interested in putting together a quality project.  This hands on experience, in addition to collaborating with other students, gave everyone a better understanding of the play and its themes.
When students collaborate with other students, there is more opportunity to share, discuss and exchange ideas.   All the writers from both schools had to write the entire play together.   The play was written using teenage lingo.  In addition, the play was written using real life settings and real life experiences.  By placing the characters in today’s world with today’s language, the students could better understand the themes and ideas from the play and how they still relate in their lives.  Collaboration, together with the use of modern technology, has educational value.

Computers, recording devices and other modern technology play a major role in a teenager’s life.  This generation can communicate and translate ideas instantly.   Years ago, to work with another school, the only option was to send letters through regular mail.   Now, with computers and programs like Skype and email, we can talk and immediately transmit messages.  Pictures and film can be instantly downloaded and sent through the internet.  Students use computers and Skype and email to communicate with friends outside of school, so why not use this method as part of an educational experience? In today’s world, any student with a camera phone can create a film or homemade video and put it on sites like YouTube.  It makes sense to use our current technology for educational purposes.
Instead of wasting time filming goofy stuff, the School Board should appreciate students spending free time filming a classic like Romeo and Juliet.

The Grosse Pointe School Board should be encouraging teachers to come up with new and exciting ways to teach their students.  Traditional ways to learn a play like Romeo and Juliet such as reading the play and taking a test or writing a paper has value.  However, there is also value in other ways of learning.  Students can learn by becoming a part of the play and part of a team.   Translating a classic to a modern version and working with other students in other parts of the County helps students to better understand the characters, themes and values.  Finally, using modern technology to help learn and understand a classic is a good way for students to spend their time doing something that teenagers can relate to, such as making a film and using blogs and computers.   

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

final blog from Daner

This will be the final blog because the EPIC Romeo and Juliet project is over. It has been quite a ride over the past few weeks a lot of stuff has gone wrong including the film some how disappeared from the camera and no body knows how also we had to redo the bedroom scene. Besides the thing that had gone wrong i think it has been a very successful project not only on the academic stand point but meeting all the people that i thought i would never talk to in my life i made a lot of new friendships. During the filming it was very chaotic it was ran by all freashman but the worst time was when Eric Addy broke his arm and everybody was scrambling to somehow make it work without the Fryier we ended up cutting most off the whole scene out. WHAT A DAY!!!.  Thanks for keeping up with my blog.

Friday, April 8, 2011

daners blog April 8 2011

I have gone to the taping of the play on last Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday and this is what i think about it.  I think its very unorganized we could never start filming because of all the complaining that the students were doing. The students could not stop laughing in the back round and they could get no body to control them.  Beside all the flaws it was a lot of fun hanging out with my fellow classmates all with a goal to get the project done on time.  When i get home i will upload my photos of the taping on the last few days.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Blog number two

I have been talking with the director to take pictures of the sites where they are going to film the play at and they will hopefully be up on the blog next week. Ive been working with other kids from other classes who have social media on this project. Gloria Shaw is one of the main people that i will be working with. I don't know how to use twitter so ill will stick to face book, YouTube and blogger. I'm going to make a group on face book for some of the characters in the play. I will make face book accounts for the prince, romeo, Juliet etc. Keep up on my blog to know what I'm working on. If anyone needs any help on the play or extras please contact me and i will help.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daner's First Post

Hi, my name is Daner and my job in the Epic Romeo and Juliet project is social media. I am exited to get started on setting up YouTube and Facebook accounts and getting the word out there about this project.  You can read my post's and keep up with what I am doing.  I'm working with a bunch of people from other classes to get ideas to put up on the Blog. I would like to make a YouTube video about the play and spots that they are going to film the play at.  I will set up Facebook accounts for the characters of the play.  Thanks for reading my blog. If you have any ideas please coment or email me!!!